Wednesday, June 24, 2015

An Amazing Journey

Growing up I had always wondered how my father could be so selfless and give so much for my mother, sister and me.  There were times that he worked three jobs just to make sure that we could have everything that we needed. We had to do without at times, but we still found a way to enjoy our family time together.  I remember thinking that I could never be like my father, he gave so much of himself for us, how could I ever be the man that he was to us?  

In 2007, my son was born and my life changed forever. On that amazing day I held my little boy in my arms for the first time...and I fell in love with him unconditionally. That moment when I held my son was a moment of clarity for me.  I finally got it, really and truly got it. I finally understood why my father did what he did for us.  In that moment I realized that I would sacrifice everything for my family, to keep them happy, healthy and safe.  

This journey that I set out on in 2007 has been wonderful. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't always been easy.I have hit many speed bumps along the way and taken a few wrong turns to get to where I am today as a husband and father.  That journey has made me who I am. Growing up I learned the important life lesson from my father. I learned to never give up, to always stand right back up when life knocks you down.He taught me to be an honorable man, one that claims his mistakes and learns from them rather than trying to hide from them. I have been down many times, but I never felt like I was finally out of the journey, on the contrary, each fall has increased my determination to be stronger and better.  I stand here today a better man, father and husband because I stood up and did not give up. 

I am writing "A Journey Through Fatherhood" to document the ups and downs of an ordinary father on an extraordinary journey.  I dedicate this effort to my father, who did so much for his family to make sure they were healthy and happy.  A father who left this world far to early when he lost his battle with cancer. I love you Dad and miss you still today, 23 years later.  

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