Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Peanuts Movie

Author: Jose G. Barr

The last time a Peanuts movie was released was May 30, 1980. With the release of "The Peanuts Movie" there are now five movies in all. What sets this one apart from the rest is that it was meant for the big screen, and the quality of shines.  20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios got it right. They kept the movie simple and adorable, in tune with the qualities that Peanuts fans have come to love from the comic strip by Charles M. Schulz.

I remember being a child and watching the Peanuts holiday specials. My sister and I never missed a chance to watch the Peanuts gang during the holidays.  "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" is the one that always comes to mind for me.  This latest installment in the Peanuts TV programs and movies took me back to my childhood. I sat with my wife and son and felt like a kid again.

Whats truly interesting is the message that is a significant part of the movie. My son has been learning about making ethical choices as part of his religious education. The movie delves into some interesting dilemmas for Charlie Brown, and how he handles them. It is truly heartwarming when he chooses to do something nice for someone else, even though it will not be good for him.

Joseph with The Gang
When the Little Red-Haired Girl moves into the neighborhood, Charlie Brown is smitten with her and is determined to make a good impression. Having grown up with the Peanuts gang, I expected to see the same results, but I was happily surprised to see the gang do something different, not a departure from who they have always been, but a natural progression of what we have come to love.

Snoopy The Ace WW1 Pilot
One of the most iconic characters in gang is Snoopy. He spends most of the movie writing a book about a World War 1 Ace who battles the Red Baron, in this case for the love of Fifi, a French poodle pilot taken prisoner by the Red Baron.

Overall this is one for the entire family. The kids will fall in love with the characters and the adults will, at least for 92 minutes, be taken back to their childhood. This is one of those movies that makes you feel good and connects adults and children by its lovable characters and simple theme.

Until next time my friends, love your kids,
Cherish your family.

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