Saturday, December 19, 2015

Universal Studios Special Effects Show - Revamped

Author: Jose G. Barr

The Special Effects Stage was closed in October of this year to begin the process of revamping the show that had been running since 2010.  Gone is the campy shtick and the goofy third host along with much of the audience participation.  In its place Universal has brought in an amazing stunt team and, as far as I am concerned, one very cool effect involving them (which I wont spoil for you).

Projector used to demonstrate the begining of "moving pictures"
So, other than my favorite element of the show, how is it? Well, in one word, Great! The show is driven by the two hosts who bring the magic of the movies to life with wit and humor.  They give the audience a peak behind the curtain and reveal some of Hollywood's oldest tricks as well as some used in the movie industry today.  While movie aficionados wont see anything that they don't already know about, what is presented is still pretty cool.  The show still uses audience volunteers to demonstrate some key effects. Compared to the past show, this is a significant improvement.

I wholeheartedly recommend this new show for new guests and seasoned visitors alike. This show is better than its predecessor, giving the audience a compelling look at the magic of Hollywood including the invaluable work done by the stunt professionals. This is one show that will entertain the entire family. My eight year old son Joseph spellbound and focused for the entire performance. He and I give this two thumbs up!

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