Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Fathers First 5K - Lessons Learned

Author: Jose G. Barr

Having run my first 5K, I now have a good idea about how much I thought I knew about race day...and really didn't.  My journey to the 5K was one of perseverance and some pain (but in a good way, not injury pain).

Here are a few tips for those of you who are looking forward to doing your first 5K.

1. Pick Up Your Bib Early - This is a big one.  You don't want to hassle with having to run over to the check in tent to pick up your bib and goody bag.  Plan ahead and pick it up the day before. This way, all you have to worry about is getting yourself to the race and having fun.

2. Arrive Early on Race Day - If your 5K starts at 7:30, make sure to be there at least 45 minutes to and hour before.  This will give you time to park the car, clip on the bib and get ready to run.

Running Buddy
3. Watch Your Pace - When your race is called make sure to get in where you belong.  For me that was at the back. This gave me the opportunity to set my pace how I had trained and not trying to keep up with the faster runners at the front. This makes a big difference for those of us who are new to races.  Trying to maintain a pace you didn't train for will have you hitting a virtual wall far too early. Remember, run for yourself and not anyone else. Don't worry about being passed up by faster runners, it's ok.

4. Break It Down - Run your race by giving yourself smaller goals to attain.  Break it down into 1 mile segments and then the final .1 mile leg.  As you reach each goal look forward to completing the next one. Before you know it you will be rounding that final corner and see the finish line.

All done with my first 5K
5. Hydration Stations - These are set up throughout the course.  In a 5K race you should be able to avoid the logjam at the first station and continue on to the second one. The thing to keep in mind is that you should already have been hydrating long before the start of the race.  If you are thirsty and its just the first part of the race, you didn't drink enough fluids before the race.  With that being said, when you do pass through a station, make sure to make eye contact with the volunteer and slow down, don't just run through and make a grab at the cup. All you'll accomplish is spilling the water and getting yourself and possibly the volunteer wet.

In the end, running a 5K is about having fun with a group of people who are shooting for the same goal as you.  Enjoy your time on the course and then the festivities afterwards. If your kids are old enough have them run with you and enjoy the time together out there.

Until next time my friends, love your kids,

Cherish your family.

Family Suppport

Home Stretch


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