Sunday, October 9, 2016

Cub Scouts Adventure Weekend

Author: Jose G. Barr

This looks like a good spot Daddy!
September 16 - 18th our pack attended the California Inland Empire Council (CIEC) Adventure Weekend, and what an adventure it was! When young boys join scouting one of the biggest reasons is the camping and outdoor activities.  This weekend, the folks from the CIEC did an amazing job putting on a great weekend for the boys.  There was plenty of activities to participate in beginning friday evening with an outdoor movie.  

Members of our pack arrived early to secure a great location for our campsite, one centrally located so that we were near all the activities. When Joseph and I arrived, we got to work setting up our tent.  The boys would be attending the outdoor movie, playing "The Jungle Book" from 2014. For those of you who have ever been involved with scouting know that there is a special relationship between cub scouting and The Jungle Book (I'll write about this in a later post). One of the things I truly love when we go camping is the friendship and camaraderie that are palpable in the campsite. And one of the best parts is that the boys starting playing games amongst each other, rather than on a phone or tablet.  

The love and dedication that the dads (and the few moms that attended) could be seen and felt. There were many things that had to be done to make this a successful weekend for the boys, including having plenty of water and food available.  Everyone pitched in to make sure all the meals were cooked and the boys fed all weekend long. I truly appreciate everything these dedicated moms and dads do day in and day out for their scouts.  You are amazing! 

The scouts spent the evening watch the movie, while the pack leadership was briefed on the Saturdays activities.  Once we were done there we headed over to the movie and enjoyed a relaxing evening under the stars. When the movie was over we headed back to our campsite to get some rest, our day would start bright and early at 7 AM with breakfast.  

Pancake breakfast hosted by the
Order of the Arrow
The next morning our day started with and great breakfast of pancakes and sausage with OJ and coffee hosted by the local Order of the Arrow Lodge.  There is nothing like having breakfast outdoors enjoying the sunrise and good company.  Once we were done we headed back to camp to get dressed for the opening ceremony.

I have to say that the opening ceremony was truly exciting. Since this event is cosponsored by the San Bernardino Sheriffs Department (SBSD) , they provided a great surprise for the scouts... The SBSD Special Weapons and Tactics team arrived aboard a helicopter and landed in the middle of the field at the ceremony!  The team demonstrated a tactical assault and retreat back to the helicopter before flying away.  

Canoe handling lecture
After the opening ceremony we spent the day enjoying the many activities that were being put on for the scouts.  This included a chance to see some amazing cowboys riding at the Sheriffs Rodeo. At the lake we took the boys out in canoes, enjoying the breeze and wonderful weather that we were lucky enough to have.  I had Joseph and a smaller, non-swimmer, scout with me in the canoe. Boy was that an interesting ride.  The smaller scout kept switching sides, making the canoe come perilously close to tipping over each time.  I have to say that it just made the canoe ride more interesting.  
The three amigos
On the way back to camp from this adventure we stopped to see the search and rescue helicopter that was now on the field by our campsite.  The scouts enjoyed being able to get onboard and look around while talking to the crew.  

After lunch, the scouts attended both archery and BB gun marksmanship training. The boys were very excited to have a chance at learning all about marksmanship and actually shooting a bb gun and a bow.  They each got plenty of time and ammo to become familiar with the weapons while being safe. 

Our day ended with a great hotdog dinner and plenty of fruit for all to enjoy.  As the sun began to set we headed out to the field again for the closing campfire program.  There was music and dancing, skits and jokes, all staples of a good boy scout campfire program.  Several of our scouts earned awards for top marksman at both bb gun and archery, congratulations!

That evening was a quiet one, being that the scouts were tired from a full day of activities.  It was lights out at 9:30 PM for us to get an early start on our day Sunday to begin the process of taking down camp and heading home.

Until next time my friends, love your kids,
Cherish your family.

At the Rodeo
Left or Right eye dominant? 

Gathering for the ceremony

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