Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Fathers Race Day Tips for a Pleasant Run

When I was getting ready for my first race there were a few things that my lovely wife told me that I had to keep in mind to be a courteous runner.  She said that I did not want to be that one person who violates the rules, even though I was a new runner I was still expected to know the rules of the road as it were.  

Running a race along with several hundred or thousand folks tends to present a few problems.  The following rules will help to keep you out of trouble and help you to enjoy the event with your fellow runners.

Position yourself by your ability - in other words dont stand at the front of the race pack when you are like me and slow as an old turtle, don't do it, don't even think about it.  I know that I am a pretty slow runner and because of this I position myself towards the rear of the pack. This allows me to stay out of the way of the faster runners while still being able to have some fun.  If you are worried about your time, don't be.  Most races give you a race fob that goes either on your shoe or on your bib.  Your time starts when you cross the start line, not when they sound the horn.  
Don't hog the road - find your imaginary lane and stay in it.  Don't be that runner who weaves all over the road.  Space is at a premium out there with all the other runners.  A runner weaving down the road like a drunk sailor will not be appreciated.  
Call out your pass - When passing a slower runner make sure to look behind you and to the side you will be passing on, the last thing you want to do is trip up another runner and cause an injury.  When you do move to pass call out your intentions i.e "Passing left" or " Passing Right".  This way the runner ahead of you is aware that you are moving past them.  
Thank the water station volunteers - These folks have given their time to make sure you and your fellow runners can get a cup or two (or three) of water during the race. Let them know that you appreciate what they are doing for you.  
Pass the finish line and keep moving - When you finally reach the end of the race please don't come to an abrupt stop, even if it is tempting.  You've got many more people coming up behind you that want to finish as well and it would not do to clog up the finish line.  Remember that fob you wore at the start?  The finish line has the end sensor and the lane narrows dramatically to be able to capture your information accurately. 

For more helpful tips go to #CignaRunTogether, they have a wealth of information for all levels of runners.  

Until next time my friends, love your kids,

Cherish your family.

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